Magic User Spells

Unlike clerical and druidic spells, magic user spells (also known as Arcane spells in the OSRIC system) do not require a holy symbol or mistletoe as material components.

Magic User Spells By Level

Level OneLevel TwoLevel Three
1 Affect Normal Fires1 Audible Glamour1 Blink
2 Burning Hands2 Continual Light2 Clairaudience
3 Charm Person3 Darkness, 15 ft Radius3 Clairvoyance
4 Comprehend Languages4 Detect Evil4 Dispel Magic
5 Dancing Lights5 Detect Invisibility5 Explosive Runes
6 Detect Magic6 ESP6 Feign Death
7 Enlarge7 Fool’s Gold7 Fireball
8 Erase8 Forget8 Flame Arrow
9 Feather Fall9 Invisibility9 Fly
10 Find Familiar10 Knock10 Gust of Wind
11 Floating Disk11 False Trap11 Haste
12 Friends12 Levitate12 Hold Person
13 Hold Portal13 Locate Object13 Infravision
14 Identify14 Magic Mouth14 Invisibility 10 ft Radius
15 Jump15 Mirror Image15 Lightning Bolt
16 Light16 Pyrotechnics16 Monster Summoning I
17 Magic Aura17 Ray of Enfeeblement17 Phantasmal Force
18 Magic Missile18 Rope Trick18 Protection From Evil 10 ft Radius
19 Mending19 Scare19 Protection From Normal Missiles
20 Message20 Shatter20 Slow
21 Protection From Evil21 Stinking Cloud21 Suggestion
22 Push22 Strength22 Tiny Hut
23 Read Magic23 Web23 Tongues
24 Shield24 Wizard Lock24 Water Breathing
25 Shocking Grasp
26 Sleep
27 Spider Climb
28 Unseen Servant
29 Ventriloquism
30 Write
Level FourLevel FiveLevel Six
1 Charm Monster1 Airy Water1 Anti-Magic Shell
2 Confusion2 Animal Growth2 Control Weather
3 Dig3 Animate Dead3 Death Spell
4 Dimension Door4 Cloudkill4 Disintegrate
5 Enchanted Weapon5 Cone of Cold5 Enchant an Item
6 Extension I6 Conjure Elemental6 Extension III
7 Fear7 Contact Other Plane7 Forceful Hand
8 Fire Charm8 Distance Distortion8 Freezing Sphere
9 Fire Shield9 Extension II9 Geas
10 Fire Trap10 Feeblemind10 Glasseye
11 Fumble11 Hold Monster11 Globe of Invulnerability
12 Hallucinatory Terrain12 Interposing Hand12 Guards and Wards
13 Ice Storm13 Mage’s Faithful Hound13 Invisible Stalker
14 Massmorph14 Magic Jar14 Legend Lore
15 Minor Globe of Invulnerability15 Monster Summoning III15 Lower Water
16 Mnemonic Enhancement16 Passwall16 Monster Summoning IV
17 Monster Summoning II17 Secret Chest17 Move Earth
18 Plant Growth18 Stone Shape18 Part Water
19 Polymorph Other19 Telekinesis19 Project Image
20 Polymorph Self20 Teleport20 Reincarnation
21 Remove Curse21 Transmute Rock to Mud21 Repulsion
22 Wall of Fire22 Wall of Force22 Spirit-rack
23 Wall of Ice23 Wall of Iron23 Stone to Flesh
24 Wizard Eye24 Wall of Stone24 Transformation
Level SevenLevel EightLevel Nine
1 Cacodemon1 Antipathy/ Sympathy1 Astral Spell
2 Charm Plants2 Clenched Fist2 Crushing Hand
3 Delayed Blast Fireball3 Clone3 Gate
4 Duo-Dimension4 Glass-steel4 Imprisonment
5 Grasping Hand5 Incendiary Cloud5 Meteor Swarm
6 Instant Summons6 Irresistible Dance6 Monster Summoning VII
7 Limited Wish7 Mass Charm7 Power Word Kill
8 Mage’s Sword8 Maze8 Prismatic Sphere
9 Mass Invisibility9 Mind Blank9 Shape Change
10 Monster Summoning V10 Monster Summoning VI10 Temporal Stasis
11 Phase Door11 Permanency11 Time Stop
12 Power Word Stun12 Polymorph Object12 Wish
13 Reverse Gravity13 Power Word Blind
14 Simulacrum14 Spell Immunity
15 Statue15 Symbol
16 Vanish16 Trap the Soul