Druid Spells

Druidic spells draw upon the divine power of nature, and operate according to similar principles as clerical spells. Any druidic spell with a material component requires (at a minimum) the use of mistletoe, holly, or oak leaves as described under the Druid class.

Druid Spells By Level

Level OneLevel TwoLevel ThreeLevel Four
1 Animal Friendship1 Barkskin1 Call Lightning1 Animal Summoning I
2 Detect Magic2 Charm Person or Mammal2 Cure Disease2 Call Woodland Beings
3 Detect Pits and Snares3 Create Water3 Hold Animal3 Control Temperature 10 ft r.
4 Entangle4 Cure Light Wounds4 Neutralise Poison4 Cure Serious Wounds
5 Faerie Fire5 Feign Death5 Plant Growth5 Dispel Magic
6 Invisibility to Animals6 Fire Trap6 Protection From Fire6 Hallucinatory Forest
7 Locate Animals7 Heat Metal7 Pyrotechnics7 Hold Plant
8 Pass Without Trace8 Locate Plants8 Snare8 Plant Door
9 Predict Weather9 Obscurement9 Stone Shape9 Produce Fire
10 Purify Water10 Produce Flame10 Summon Insects10 Protection From Lightning
11 Shillelagh11 Trip11 Tree11 Repel Insects
12 Speak with Animals12 Warp Wood12 Water Breathing12 Speak with Plants
Level FiveLevel SixLevel Seven
1 Animal Growth1 Animal Summoning III1 Animate Rock
2 Animal Summoning II2 Anti-Animal Shell2 Chariot of Fire
3 Anti-Plant Shell3 Conjure Fire Elemental3 Confusion
4 Commune With Nature4 Cure Critical Wounds4 Conjure Earth Elemental
5 Control Winds5 Feeblemind5 Control Weather
6 Insect Plague6 Fire Seeds6 Creeping Doom
7 Pass Plant7 Transport via Plants7 Finger of Death
8 Sticks to Snakes8 Turn Wood8 Fire Storm
9 Transmute Rock to Mud9 Wall of Thorns9 Reincarnate
10 Wall of Fire10 Weather Summoning10 Transmute Metal to Wood