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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 15

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    Nik Vinter

Well, this was a weird session. My players almost died, escaped from the Observatory, went into the Barrowmaze, decided it was boring, and came back to the Observatory. DCO is scary, it sticks, it's a morbid experience that is hard to escape. Cool.


The last session ended with the party being cornered by the Crows, this session began with the party escaping from them. With some lucky rolls, some smart usage of the chain and the absence of the giant they managed to escape. Then my players told me how they didn't like the whole concept of the dungeon. I was sure it was over, we talked a bit and then we agreed to continue barrowmaze for a bit.

Without too much roleplay Cavell, Basily and Thelonius came back to Helix where they met Crystal, the new character of Glirk's player. The group headed to the barrowmaze and decided to explore one of the nearby rooms with the shadows that they always ignored because of the lack of magical weapons. They attacked the beings, got attacked back. Crystal died literally at the first encounter, so a new character had to be rolled. For some reason, after recovering a +1 Leather Armor and a +1 Shield my players had an epiphany: they had to go back to the Observatory.

For some reason that dungeon sticks, it lingers incomplete in the back of the head. The group (and Esmeralda, the new Fighter) went to Ironguard and hired 5 mercenaries. It was time to siege the Observatory. They stole two boats and headed towards the dam. Nothing was changed much from their last visit and they reached the pit in one day, from there they headed down.

First of all they tried searching for the crows, just to find the bodies of the dwarf and of Zolushika and no book. Then they swinged across the chasm and explored the dinosaur room, the Dvargir one, the Stables and the bridge. Nothing eventful happened until they reacehd the Elemental Pool. In there they took the Sword, Cavell took out the tongue and put it in his backpack and they completely ignored the baby, believing it to be dangerous.

Next time: going down. I kept rolling and no giant ever appeared, will they get as lucky next time?