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A Gentle Deep Carbon Observatory Nightmare - Episode 14

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    Nik Vinter

A genocide of an entire tribe, the entrance to the dungeon, the death of a character! This episode has it all.


Basily came back as Glirk, Cavell and Thelonius were exiting the dam. They saw the quiet, drowned lands, the kapeks nearby and the reed people in the distance. The kapeks beckoned at them and Karl Kapek revealed his identity to the group as he planted his spear in the body of Tham. The followers of the Optical God didn't want the kapeks to massacre the inhabitants of the lake, the kapeks didn't agree. The party didn't care and, when they heard that the reed-people were the ones to destroy the dam, they eagerly accepted to accompany the killing army.

They reached the Piled Hives at night and waited eagerly, the two waves of kapeks attacked the people, the children, the women, the party followed shortly after and massacred everyone in sight without regrets. This made Thelonius to lose the favor of his god, he is now unable to cast spells.

After sleeping in the destroyed village they all ventured forth towards the black bridge and the pit. The construction was weird, deep and they were illuminated by the mirrors as they went deep into the entrails of the earth. After reaching the second room of the dungeon, a one was rolled, and this meant: giant. He appeared, crawling, squeezing himself trough the corridors clearly too big for him, he stretched a hand and grabbed Glirk, the others ran away without looking back. Glirk tried stoically to resist, to cut the giant somehow while he was bringing him towards his mouth. It didn't work and Glirk got swallowed in a matter of moments.

The rest of the group kept descending into the depths. From the weighting chambers they jumped on the chain and climbed downwards, until the Hardwords. From there a voice in the dark, coming from downwards: "You take it, I'm not gonna touch it". It was Echo, with the Crows. As they saw the party they readied the swords. "We had warned you, you'll not gonna come out alive"

DM Notes

While the atmosphere is fantastic, my players aren't enjoying it that much. They feel like whatever they do, the result is negative and they're gonna die. I can't blame them. Most of the treasure has to be brought to safety, it's sparse and rare, the giant is very deadly. They don't have the freedom of coming and going whenever they want from the dungeon. We'll see how it goes, I'll review it once we finish.