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Let It Bleed Out

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    Nik Vinter

There's no reason for your dungeons to be static enclosed environments, here's a list of 10 things to make your world more dynamic and alive.

  1. Inside the crate there's a rare metal. Only a fine crafstman can transform it into an armor and only two of them exist in the world. Whenever an enemy hits an armor made of this metal it gets struck by fear.
  2. There's a map in a chest. The map describes a place hundreds of days from the dungeon. Inside there's a trapped woman, whose tears have entire universes inside.
  3. A portal opens. To where? I don't know, maybe a universe of intelligent vicious dogs? That have discovered guns? And are telepathic?
  4. A diary that contains the life of a person but pages appear when you're not looking. It's actually a person that has been transformed into a book.
  5. A simple stone, with weird writing. When translated it summons a plague that hits 70% of the world's population.
  6. Inside of the dungeon there's a door, it leads to a town. From the town itself the door opens to an empty house. Where is the town? Far away.
  7. The lever makes the whole dungeon collapse. You've just wasted 10 sessions of prep but now you have a hole in the ground from which uranium snakes are coming trough.
  8. An instrument that no one knows how to use. There's a rumor of a fine musician in the Kingdom Of Sai-Van-Lind that can teach someone to use it for a fee. When used it can control trees. Now everyone wants that instrument and is ready to kill for it.
  9. All the cows and pigs in the world just died because you've read the wrong book. Oops.
  10. You just started a fire. It won't stop. It ignites stone as well. It's at the do- Well, it's out of the dungeon now and the fields are burining.