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Art For Art's Sake

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    Nik Vinter

Innovation is hard and comes at a cost, otherwhise everyone would be doing it. I feel like the important thing is to keep doing things because you like doing them instead of waiting for an epphimeral moment of fame. One of the biggest joys I had in the past weeks is when people told me they liked something I made, and that was great, but did I have that pleasant sensation because they liked what I did or because they liked what I did?

I know that I'll keep rambling on this pages until I get bored and I'll keep making stuff until I get sick of creating, and I keep telling myself that I don't care if someone reads my stuff or not, if someone get something out of my thoughts and/or articles. But I'm lying to myself. Approval is great, I just wish a desire of it wouldn't be so prominent in my life.

In all honesty? I'm not sure about how to feel about "Art for Art's sake".

I released a dungeon by the way: [Buy it here]

It's the same shit you've seen in the previous blog posts but now it has mediocre art and you can pay me. Just DM me if you want a copy for free. After all, knowing that someone had fun while playing trough my stuff is better than 4 bucks.

Thanks for reading.