Cure Light Wounds (Reversible)

Clerical Necromancy
Level: Cleric 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous (permanent)
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 5 segments
Saving Throw: None (Neg.)

Cure light wounds allows the cleric to lay hands upon a wounded creature, restoring 1d8 hit points to the spell’s beneficiary. The reverse of the spell operates in the same manner (although requiring a to hit roll), but inflicts 1d8 hit points rather than healing. If the cleric fails to hit while casting cause light wounds, the spell is lost. This spell does not heal disease, reattach limbs, or bring back the dead, nor can it add hit points beyond a character’s normal number. Non-corporeal creatures are not affected by this spell, nor are undead, nor are creatures that are harmed only by iron, silver, or magical weapons.