Spell Scrolls

Spells are also sometimes found written on scrolls. It is not possible to memorise a spell from a scroll, although magic users and illusionists may copy the spell from the scroll into their spell books, if they understand the spell. This process always erases the scroll. This is the primary means by which magic users and illusionists will acquire new spells for their spell books

Alternatively, the spell may be cast directly from the scroll, in which case the scroll is erased as the spell is cast. In this case, it is not necessary for the caster to know the spell beforehand, and indeed it is possible to cast a spell from a scroll even if the caster does not know the spell or is of insuffi cient level to use the magic.

In extreme cases (such as when a character casts a spell from a scroll well above the level he or she could normally memorise) the GM will assign a chance that the spell will fail.

A character must be of the correct class to cast a spell from a scroll. Thus, only clerics or paladins may cast spells from clerical scrolls, only druids or rangers from druidic ones, and so on. (Exception: Thieves and assassins may attempt to cast arcane and phantasmal spells from scrolls.)