Light And Vision

In a dungeon, the party's light source is, of course, crucial. Torches may be blown out by gusts of wind or extinguished by water or even magic. Various light sources are available on the equipment table, and details of the illumination they provide are set forth hereafter.

Bullseye lanterns illuminate 80-ft (in a 10-ft wide beam) and burn a pint of oil every 4 hours. Such lanterns can be masked.

Hooded lanterns illuminate a 30-ft radius and also burn one pint of oil every 4 hours. Magical weapons illuminate 10-20-ft for an infinite period of time (dagger 10-ft, longsword 20-ft). Torches shed 40-ft of illumination and burn out in 6 turns (1 hour). Standard game candles shed 20-ft of illumination and burnout in 30 minutes, although longer-lasting ones may be purchased at additional cost.

Other light sources, such as lamps or magic items, will have their fields of lighting determined by the GM, who may use the information provided in this section as a guideline.

Note that light sources can be seen from much further away than the radius of illumination they shed. Approaching light will warn intelligent creatures of the approach of surface-dwellers, perhaps giving them a chance to prepare. If the party's light source is visible to creatures in the dungeon, the GM should adjust the chance of surprise.