Item Saving Throws

Adventurers are not the only targets of the various impacts and other damaging events that accompany a life of danger; the gear they carry is also susceptible to being broken, ignited, frozen, etc. The table below sets forth saving throws for various substances.

Generally if a player character makes a saving throw, his or her gear is assumed to pass all its saving throws automatically. The table below should be employed only where the player character fails the save.

Note that magical items gain a +2 on all saving throws. Additionally, magic items with a +2 bonus or more gain a +1 saving throw bonus for every magical bonus point over +1. An exception is artifacts and relics; these have saving throws of 2 or 3 in all categories, and even if they fail, usually cannot be so easily destroyed—only temporarily neutralised.

Item Saving Throw Table

Item TypeAcidBlow, CrushingBlow, NormalCold, MagicalDisinte**­**grateElectric ShockFall (5-ft)FireballFire, MagicalFire, NormalLightning
Leather or book104232011136413
Metal, hard7621171262111
Metal, soft13149119141813516
Stone or gem31771182473214
Wood/rope (thick)810311911117512
Wood/rope (thin)9136120121511910