The following table shows suggested general equipment prices for a typical campaign. Players should check with their GM whether the prices show below apply in his or her specific campaign.

Miscellaneous Items

Ale, pint11 sp
Backpack10 (empty)2 gp
Barrel30 (empty)2 gp
Bedroll52 sp
Bell-1 gp
Belt-5 sp
Blanket, woollen25 cp
Block and tackle55 gp
Boots, soft31 gp
Boots, heavy52 gp
Bottle (wine), glass12 gp
Box (empty)151 gp
Bracer, leather (archery)18 sp
Caltrops21 gp
Candle, beeswax-1 cp
Canvas (per sq. yd)11 sp
Cauldron and tripod152 gp
Chain (per 10 ft)1030 gp
Chalk, piece-1 cp
Chest (empty)252 gp
Cloak23 cp
Crowbar52 gp
Dice, bone, pair-5 sp
Dice, loaded, pair-5 gp
Doublet, linen13 gp
Firewood (per day)201 cp
Fish hook-1 sp
Fishing net (per 25 sq. ft)-1 sp
Flask (leather)-3 cp
Flint and steel-1 gp
Gloves, kidskin, pair½3 gp
Gown, woollen15 cp
Gown, linen13 gp
Gown, silk150+ gp
Grappling hook41 gp
Hammer (tool, not war)25 sp
Holy symbol, silver125 gp
Holy symbol, pewter15 gp
Holy symbol, wooden16 sp
Horse, cartN/A15 gp
Horse, nagN/A8 gp
Horse, palfreyN/A40+ gp
Horse, rounceyN/A25 gp
Horse, war, heavyN/A500+ gp
Horse, war, lightN/A200+ gp
Horse, war, mediumN/A350+ gp
Hose-1 gp
Iron spikes, dozen51 gp
Ladder (per 10 ft)205 sp
Lamp (bronze)11 sp
Lantern, bullseye312 gp
Lantern, hooded27 gp
Lock120+ gp
Manacles215 gp
Mirror (small steel)½20 gp
Mirror (small silver)½45 gp
MuleN/A18 gp
Musical instrument1+5+ gp
Needle and thread-3 cp
Oil (lamp) (per pint)11 sp
OxN/A15 gp
Parchment (per sheet)-2 sp
Pin (cloak)-4 sp
Piton½1 sp
Pole (per 10 ft)82 sp
PonyN/A12 gp
Pot, iron105 sp
Pouch, belt, large2 (empty)4 sp
Pouch, belt, small1 (empty)2 sp
Quill (pen)-1 sp
Quiver (holds 12 arrows)1 (empty)1 gp
Quiver (holds 24 arrows)2 (empty)25 sp
Quiver (holds 12 bolts)1 (empty)12 sp
Quiver (holds 24 bolts)2 (empty)3 gp
Rations, standard (per day)22 gp
Rations, trail (per day)16 gp
Reins, bit and bridle52 gp
Robe, linen13 gp
Robe, silk160+ gp
Rope, hemp (per 50 ft)101 gp
Rope, silk (per 50 ft)510 gp
Sack, small½(empty) 9 cp
Sack, large1(empty) 15 cp
Saddle and stirrups2010 gp
Satchel5 (empty)2 gp
Scrollcase, bone½4 gp
Scrollcase, leather½1 gp
Shoes, common15 sp
Shoes, noble130+ gp
Shovel82 gp
Signal whistle-8 sp
Skillet51 gp
Soap (per lb)15 sp
Spell book (blank)525 gp
Tent2010 gp
Thieves’ Tools130 gp
Torch11 cp
Tunic, woollen15 cp
Tunic, banqueting110+ gp
Twine, linen (per 100 ft)½8 cp
Vellum (per sheet)-3 sp
Wagon, smallN/A100 gp
Wagon, largeN/A250 gp
Water, holy (per vial)½25 gp
Waterskin (3 pint)1 (empty)1 gp
Whetstone½2 cp
Wine, pint15 sp

Master Weapons

Weapon TypeDamage vs Small or MediumDamage vs LargeEncumbranceCost
Arrows1d61d64 (per dozen)2 gp (per dozen)
Axe, battle1d81d875 gp
Axe, hand1d61d451 gp
Bolt, heavy crossbow1d6+11d6+14 (per dozen)4 gp (per dozen)
Bolt, light crossbow1d4+11d4+12 (per dozen)2 gp (per dozen)
Club1d41d332 cp
Dagger1d41d312 gp
Dart1d31d2½2 sp
Flail, heavy1d6+12d4103 gp
Flail, light1d4+11d4+146 gp
Halberd1d102d6189 gp
Hammer, war, heavy1d6+11d6107 gp
Hammer, war, light1d4+11d451 gp
Javelin*1d61d445 sp
Lance*2d4+13d6156 gp
Mace, heavy1d6+11d61010 gp
Mace, light1d4+11d4+154 gp
Morning star2d41d6+1125 gp
Pick, heavy1d6+12d4108 gp
Pick, light1d4+11d445 gp
Pole arm*1d6+11d1086 gp
Sling bullet1d4+11d6+14 (per dozen)1 gp (per dozen)
Sling stone1d41d42 (per dozen)Free
Spear*1d61d851 gp
Sword, claymore/bastard2d42d81025 gp
Sword, broad2d41d6+1810 gp
Sword, long1d81d12715 gp
Sword, scimitar1d81d8515 gp
Sword, short1d61d838 gp
Sword, two-handed1d103d62530 gp
Trident*1d6+13d454 gp

* Long-hafted, pointed weapons, such as the spear, lance (when used dismounted), pole arm, or trident, inflict double damage when set to receive a charge and the foe actually charges. The lance inflicts double damage when used by a character riding a charging heavy warhorse or similar animal; if the attacker is mounted on a normal riding or cavalry horse, the damage should be reduced.

Weapon TypeDamage vs Small or MediumDamage vs LargeRate of Fire (in shots per round)Range (-2 to hit per increment)EncumbranceCost
Axe, hand1d61d4110 ft51 gp
Bow, long †1d61d6270 ft1260 gp
Bow, short †1d61d6250 ft815 gp
Club1d41d3110 ft32 cp
Composite bow, long †1d61d6260 ft13100 gp
Composite bow, short †1d61d6250 ft975 gp
Crossbow, heavy*1d6+11d6+1½60 ft1220 gp
Crossbow, light1d4+11d4+1160 ft412 gp
Dagger1d41d4210 ft12 gp
Dart1d31d2315 ft½2 sp
Hammer1d4+11d4110 ft51 gp
Javelin1d61d4120 ft25 sp
Sling1d4+1 or 1d41d6+1 or 1d4135 ft½5 sp
Spear1d61d8115 ft51 gp

* Heavy crossbows may not be used from horseback; only a footman can brace them correctly before firing. † Some specially-made bows (sold at special cost if at all—GM’s discretion) permit the user to add his or her strength bonus to damage inflicted with the weapon. Otherwise the strength damage bonus with missile weapons is restricted to hurled weapons (axes, hammers, clubs, darts, javelins and spears)

Armour Table 1

Armour TypeEncumbrance*Max Move RateEffect on AC (base AC 10)Cost
Banded35 lbs90 ft-690 gp
Mail hauberk or byrnie (chain)30 lbs90 ft-575 gp
Mail, elfin (chain)15 lbs120 ft-5Not sold
Leather15 lbs120 ft-25 gp
Padded gambeson10 lbs90 ft-24 gp
Plate45 lbs60 ft-7400 gp
Ring35 lbs90 ft-330 gp
Scale or lamellar40 lbs60 ft-445 gp
Shield, large10 lbsN/A-115 gp
Shield, medium8 lbsN/A-112 gp
Shield, small5 lbsN/A-110 gp
Splint40 lbs60 ft-680 gp
Studded20 lbs90 ft-315 gp

* For non-magic armour. Magic armour is un-encumbering, and allows a maximum move rate 30 ft faster than normal (up to 120 ft). Magic shields weigh as much as normal shields of the same type.

Armour Table 2

Type of ArmourAC Rating
Shield only9
Leather or padded armour8
Studded leather or ring7
Scale or lamellar6
Mail hauberk or byrnie5
Banded armour4

The AC rating of a character employing a shield is improved by 1, so a character wearing leather armour and carrying a shield would be AC 7, while a character with plate armour and shield would be AC 2. Magic armour with a rating of +1 reduces AC by 1, +2 reduces by 2, and so forth; the principle is that a positive rating for a magic item shows that it is beneficial, but AC is rated on a descending scale whereby the lower the figure, the better the protection

Shields do NOT affect armour class where the target is being attacked from the rear. Likewise, a figure attacked by several opponents may only employ the shield against one (in the case of a small shield), two (in the case of a medium shield) or three (for a large shield) attacks in any one given round; thus AC against multiple opponents will tend to deteriorate.

This table should not be used to extrapolate monster armour types. These are assigned rather than calculated. For example, most hobgoblins are AC 5, but this does not mean that the hobgoblin will automatically be wearing chain mail armour worth 75gp! More than likely, the creature is wearing a mishmash of assorted pieces of armour of negligible value, but its armour class is considered to be 5 owing to its combat skill and the needs of the game system

Elfin mail counts as normal (chain) mail except for the purposes of weight calculation and encumbrance. It is rarely sold, but suits are occasionally fashioned by elven master craftsmen as gifts for those who have performed some great service for the elven race. 99% of them are awarded to elves, the majority of the remainder to humans or half-elves. Dwarf-sized or smaller suits are prohibitively rare.

Field plate is optional, and rather anachronistic (and hence not listed on the standard tables). It means the Gothic and Milanese plate of the fifteenth century or later. If field plate is used in a campaign, it should be treated as having an AC modifier of -8 (i.e. field plate plus shield would be equivalent to AC 1) and a maximum movement rate of 90 ft. Some GMs may also wish to permit full plate, representing the jousting or tourney plate of the same period and later, which should be treated as having an AC modifier of -9 and a maximum movement rate of 60 ft.

Druids are restricted to armour that does not contain metal. They are permitted leather (optionally studded leather at the GM’s discretion) and shields not bound with metal. A wooden shield bound with rawhide costs the same, and has the same characteristics, as a small shield.

Thieves are restricted to leather or padded armour. Some kindly GMs permit thieves to use studded leather or elfin mail. Normally, plate gauntlets and helms must be removed before missile weapons such as bows can be employed.