Attack and Saving Throw Matrices for Monsters

Most monsters use the attack matrices of fighters. The GM should convert the monster's Hit Dice to a level equivalent according to the following guidelines:

Monster HDEquivalent Level
Up to 1-10
1+1 to 23
2+1 to 34
3+1 to 45
4+1 to 56
5+1 to 67
6+1 to 78
7+1 to 89
8+1 to 910
9+1 to 1011
10+1 to 1112
11+1 to 1213
12+1 to 1314
13+1 to 1415
14+1 to 1516
15+1 to 1617
16+1 to 1718
17+1 to 1819
18+1 to 1920
19+1 or higher21

The above table is also used to determine the monster's saving throws. Most monsters will save as fighters, but the GM should use discretion in following this guideline; in cases where the monster clearly possesses the abilities of another class, consideration should be given to using that matrix instead. (A good example might be a goblin shaman, which could save as a cleric instead of a fighter.)

In the case of powerful monsters that duplicate the abilities of several classes, the most favourable table should be used. (For example, a spell-casting dragon might save as a magic user or a fighter, whichever is better.) The level at which monsters cast spells is also normally determined by their hit dice unless the creature's description indicates otherwise. For example, a magic-using dragon with 11 HD would cast spells as a 12th level spell caster.

Huge but unintelligent creatures may have their equivalent level reduced for the purposes of saving throws, subject to the GM's discretion; creatures such as dinosaurs would be appropriate for this. On rarer occasions, it may also make sense to reduce the creature's effective level for the purposes of attack tables also; this might apply to a herbivorous dinosaur, for example.

Please note that certain creatures have a special bonus to their effective attack level. Stirges, for example, are creatures with 1+1 hit die that attack as equivalent level 5.

Generally, the GM should take account of situations such as positional bonuses. For example, where a group of monsters is attacking the party from a height advantage using spears, the GM may well wish to increase their effective equivalent level by 1.