It is possible for elves and humans to interbreed, although elven fastidiousness makes this a fairly uncommon occurrence. Half elves do not have a separate culture or civilisation of their own, usually assimilating into the elven or human society in which they were raised.

Summary of half-elven Racial abilities:

  • 30% resistance to sleep and charm spells

Secret Doors:

When searching, a half-elf character can detect secret doors on a 2 in 6 and concealed doors on a 3 in 6. When passing within 10ft of a concealed door, a half-elf will notice it on a 1 in 6.


Common, elven, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish.


60 ft

Multi-class Restrictions:

The less restrictive of any class requirements apply to multi-classed half-elven characters, except that thieving abilities can only be used while wearing armour permitted to thieves

Permitted Class Options:

Assassin, Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, Ranger, Thief, Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Magic User, Fighter/Magic User, Fighter/Thief, Magic User/Thief, Cleric/Fighter/ Magic User, or Fighter/Magic User/Thief.

Movement Rate

120 ft

Starting Age:

  • Cleric: 40 + 2d4
  • Fighter: 22+3d4
  • Magic: User 30+2d8
  • Thief: 22+3d8

Racial Limitations:

Minimum/Maximum ability scores (after adjustment for race);

if the ability scores rolled do not fall within these limits, then the race of half-elf is not a valid choice for the character:

  • Strength: 3/18
  • Dexterity: 6/18
  • Constitution: 6/18
  • Intelligence: 4/18
  • Wisdom: 3/18
  • Charisma: 3/18

Level Limitations:

  • Assassin: 11
  • Cleric: 5
  • Druid: N/A
  • Fighter: 8 (Str 18), 7 (Str 17 and below), 6 (Str 16 and below)
  • Illusionist: N/A
  • Magic: User 8 (Int 18+), 7 (Int 17), 6 (Int 16 and below)
  • Paladin: N/A
  • Ranger: 8 (Str 18), 7 (Str 17 and below), 6 (Str 16 and below)
  • Thief: Unlimited