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The Long Tunnels

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    Nik Vinter

Up and down, left and right, remember this concept didn't exist for the Vehina. They only had the concept of the great sun below, and everything was drawn to it. This meant that the structure of the dungeon is supposed to be jarring, disorienting and confusing.

Area 16 - A slender cave, passing trough the end is hard and requires to take off any backpack and/or equipment that the user is wearing. In the end of the cave lives Cairniumathrexium, a centipede. He speaks a broken version of the common, intertwined with the language of the rat-moles. He will crawl as soon as someone is deep enough and will block the exit. He requires knowledge, he has knowledge, he hates stupidity, he speaks with the stones. If the characters will be deemed smart enough he will let them leave, with a request: he wants a fragment of the sun. If the party fullfills his request in some way the centipede will grant them passage trough a small corridor to Area 23

Area 17 - A long tunnel, with a murky, rotten, watery substance in the lower part. This subctance is ridden with bacteria, in particular with Leanocelli (Save vs Poison, on a fail the character's skin will start to itch and fall off after 1d4 days. The fallen layers of skin will be poisonous as well, so whoever helps is at risk of catching the disease as well)

Area 18 - The slave pits. Countless bodies are being held suspended with chains in the middle of the room. They are humanoid, with a green tint, their bodies malformed with time, almost translucent, gaunt. They have no memory, no past, no future. They should've died years ago, but the chains kept them alive. If freed, they'll fall to the floor and die, with life completely abbandoning their body. This room is just a maze of lamenting corpses with a shaft coming from the ceiling.

Area 19 - This is a control room. Weird machinery is present, with buttons, dials and knobs. The party probably has never seen anything like that but given enough time they can figure out that they can use the dials to select any slave present in Area 18, then it will display their paramethers: hunger, muscular mass, IQ and other weird ones like completeness or bausian sanity. Pressing another button will drop down a chain down the shaft, someone from below will have to tie the corresponding slave to the chain to pull him up.

Area 20 - A workshop, it's full of complex machinery and tables with chains. Countless random tables, saws, machines, looms, anvils, all with chains. Given the ingredients these machines can be used to produce anything found in the library of Area 23.

Area 21 - This area is a giant staircase, it goes up as well as sideways. If not for gravity it would be really hard to track its direction. Statues line the walls: generals, bureaucrats, traders. All made of white stone. Moving between Areas 22 and 20 should be easy. Before each statue there's a pillow, made for praying. Characters can pray at the statues and receive a random effect from the following table

RollThe character...
1... gains the ability to walk on walls for 1d6 hours
2... becomes violent and agressive, but gets +1 to all hits and damage for 1d4 hours
3... becomes obsessed with sex and pornography
4... gets +2 to all hits against the rat-moles but becomes obsessed with killing them all, forever
5... gains +1 INT but loses all the will to live
6... becomes scared of the light

Area 22 - This area is beautiful and lush. Plants accustomed to grow in the dark live amidst the fountains that spring from all directions. Plants here are the one needed to create the things mentioned in the library in Area 23. There are Mare Tensias, black flowers that dissolve into fog when touched; Ve-Rel-Roses, white and yellow flowers that can levitate their bulbs; Teneva Religiosa, a giant water-lily-like striated blue plant that emits a sound akin to a scream whenever someone touches it and Rat Orchids: flowers that die every night just to be reborn on the following morning.

Area 23 - As before, this room is key to completing the dungeon and as such will be explained later