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Tser Pool Encampment

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    Nik Vinter

Areas of the Tser Pool Encampment

There's nothing much in this area but your players will pass here eventually. The Vistani will be friendly with the characters and invite them to have some food and some drinks around the campfire.

Prepare some Vistani names beforehand, at least one for the Vistana that will greet them. Remember, they're based on Romani so make them look similar.

They're a nomadic population but aren't planning to move anytime soon, even if the encampment might look precarious. The Vistani will try to sell them the bottles to escape from the mist and if the lie is discovered they will just shrug it off saying "No one's ever came back to complain. I thought they worked"

Some players might want to purchase or steal the horses to travel faster. The Vistani would never separate from their horse (as the horse is almost a Vistana's family member) and they don't have any to spare, but if the players are crazy enough to rob them during the night let them do it.

If the characters are friendly, the Vistani will suggest them a Tarot Reading by Madam Eva, they will also invite them to stay overnight to witness the traditional Vistana dances in front of the fire. If the party's ally is the Mad Mage be sure to insist on this last part so you can tell The Vistana's Tale to your group.

The Vistani from this encampment know about the ones south of Vallaki, but they're two separate groups and don't have much to do with each other. This ones are also more friendly to the party.

Madame Eva's Reading

This is a great opportunity for you as a DM to tell a cool story. Madam Eva is an old woman that knows more than she shows. Try to anticipate your player's phrases and end them by yourselves. She will know the names of your player's characters and will tell some little prophecy to each one of them. This is the perfect moment to hint something about the hidden backstories you prepared (if any).

Other than that you can now take your cards deck. Any will do, but be sure you prepared it in advance. For more scene you can wrap it in a piece of black cloth and slowly unravel it in front of the players.

If you don't want, you don't have to fake the reading. Just draw the cards and either invent something on the spot or consult the manual (but this will probably break the atmosphere).